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Case Studies:

Turn-key Product Development,

Whether you are an engineer or laymen, you will have many great engineering and product ideas on a daily basis. But most of these valuable ideas aren't transfer into a physical entity i.e. prototyping or manufacturing. The most common reason is due to time or skill constraint.

The abilities to have full understanding with the design and development process from turning ideas into mass production manufacturing is often rare. Such skills are so valuable if quality, reliability and cost effectiveness is to be maintain consistently and effectively throughout the journey of design and development process.

One example, we were provided a project with a set of informal ideas. From the design process under our quality management system, we then transfer these informal ideas into a set of formal design input requirements via proper documentations.

Refinement and technical reviewed are made at these formal requirements and turning them into engineering specifications, using the expert knowledge and skills of electronics, mechanical and industrial design. It is essential that during the implementation process, tools such as schematics, PCB layout and CAD/CAM are being effectively utilised.

At these early stage of the development, many changes to the engineering specifications and implementation are changed and modified based on the results and observations of unit testing. These unit testing is to ensure there will be no inherent design issues in the prototyping, manufacturing and product release phrase.

Prototyping is the usual stage, once the design implementation and testing has completed and reviewed. This stage is valuable process for validation of the design requirements. These validation efforts can usually provide a sealed decision that original requirements and project objectives has achieved.

Most design and prototypes don't work the first time. For the project that does meet both the engineering specifications and input requirements, they are ready to transfer for mass production. Hence a set of production documentations are produce for manufacturing and the product is now ready for formal releases to market.

In conclusion, product development requires meticulous affords, having the right direction from an external knowledgeable source with experience can take your ideas to market quicker, safer and cost effective.

We, Teksoft Technology, we have broad range of design engineering know hows from electronics and mechanical engineering design, to product verification and validation of design i.e prototyping and testing, and finally transferring and releasing designs to manufacturing.

We have our own products and brands that are sold to market according to customer requirements. We understand the feeling of what you want and how to transfer that desire and vision to the market.

Product Compliance and Certification,

Regulations and engineering standards must comply in order for products to be sold and marketed in the desired country. The primary purpose of regulating and imposing standards to any marketable products is to ensure product safety for the consumer and end user. For example electrical safety of mains power product use domestically i.e. phone charger, power supplies.

Hence if you are a developer, distributor or exporter/importer that requires product compliance and certification. Please do not make it an after thought process, as most domestically used products are require to be approved by regulator prior to be sold in the market. Failure to do so not only burdens the business, but could result in serious breach with the law to the country of desire market.

The process of getting product compliance and ceritification is a non-trivial task and the cost of certification is expensive but the cost of rectifying a non-compliance product outweights the cost of getting product certification and compliance.

The usual pitfall of product non-compliances:

  • Inadequate testing requirements
  • Non-approved test house was used
  • No certifications
  • Standards variation among regions.

At Teksoft Technology, we have vast knowledge of the IEC and Australian standards for product compliances and certification. We have assisted manufacturer/importers/distributors of importing power supplies and battery charger into Australia from other countries such as China/Hong Kong. Also we have experiences in helping manufacturer of getting FDA and TGA approval for the medical devices industry.

Engineering Consulting Services,

Due to the rise of electricity cost in Australia, some individual and businesses are facing an increase electricity prices of more than 20%. This is tough in a climate of global financial uncertainties since the global financial crisis occur in 2008.

We were fortunate to assisted a number of small to medium size businesses to compensate this 20% increase by evaluating the electricity needs and the usage of the business and household.

In one of our evaluation with a small business of less than 5 people. We conducted by measuring power usage of the business, we found several machines were operating ineffectively with more than 70% of power wastage. We recommended changes made to their operating procedures and the cost of saving in their electricity bills were immediate and within first quarter, the business had save up to 40% of their electricity cost.

Teksoft Technology had provided general engineering consulting on many engineering issues. We like to get personal and customization with our customer. So please don't hesitate to let us know about your difficult technical problems.